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Terms, Conditions and Warranty

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  1. The axle, rear end, and differential warranty covers gears, bearings, and axles. Bolt-on accessories, wiring and sensors are not warranted.
  2. We are not responsible for improper installation and or labor charges.
  3. All returned parts or cancelled orders are subject to a 25% handling and restocking fees plus customer assumes all shipping costs.
  4. All mis-ordered or mis-diagnosed parts will be assessed a 25% restocking charge and freight both ways, regardless of the reason.
  5. We do not assume towing, shipping, transportation, and car rental cost.
  6. Orders usually ship within 7-14 business days.
  7. All residential deliveries incur a $150 shipping charge, unless agreed to otherwise.
  8. Extended warranty will be activated upon notification of installation of part.
  9. Axle, rear end, or differential must be installed AND warranty activated within 10 business days of delivery OR ALL WARRANTIES WILL VOIDED. Falsifying information will automatically void your warranty.
  10. Exchanges or Store credits only after the part has been in customer possession for more than 30 days.
  11. Although AxleShopper.com makes every effort to make the part look as nice as possible before it ships no warranty or guarantee is made towards the appearance of that part.
  12. Make sure to inspect all parts before signing for them on delivery.
  13. The stated mileage is not guaranteed and is correct to the best of our knowledge.
  14. We do not warranty oil leaks/damage on axles, rear ends, or differentials due to non-replaced seals, gaskets or filters.
  15. OEM auto parts are interchangeable with multiple years, makes and models which means the same part is an exact fit for multiple makes and models as determined by OEM standards. We guarantee the part we sell to fit your vehicle.
  16. All deposits are non-refundable.
  17. Any axle, rear end, or differential returned not in the same assembled condition as it was received will not be refunded under any circumstances.
  18. If you were charged a core fee, you will not be refunded if the part is disassembled or if not returned within 30 days. It is customer's responsibility to ship the core back. All Core Shipping costs are your responsibility.
  19. No Refunds will be issued due to Shipping Damage or Broken Items if not reported within 48 Hours of Delivery to AXL and the Freight Company, which is the deadline to file a Freight Claim. Additionally, some form, such as an email, of written verification from the Freight Company of the Freight Claim must be retained in your records regardless of the time frame the Freight Claim was reported in.
  20. Pickups of Returns, Defective Items, and/or Cores must originate from the shipping address of the original order. No exceptions will be considered. Otherwise, refunds, returns and/or replacements will not be authorized.
  21. Axle, rear end, and differentials are tested, visually inspected and cleaned.

Conditions That Will Void Warranties:

If the item is improperly installed.

If the item is used for racing.

If the item is operated without proper lubrication or cooling regardless of the reason.


Warranty Replacements:
In the event of a Warranty Claim with any part which has qualified for a Free Replacement, it is required the part be made available for pick up within 7 Working Days. If the part is not made available for pick up within this time frame, the Free Warranty will be null and void.

Returned Parts (not installed):
In the event a customer wants to return a part BEFORE installing for any reason, it is required the part be made available for pick up within 3 Working Days. If the part is not made available for pick up within this time frame, no refund will be issued for the part.

Axle, Rear End, and Differential Warranty - Full Detail

One-time Warranty Claim Service:
We provide a one-time warranty claim service for our products.
You may only file a single warranty claim on any product you purchase from us, without the possibility of filing any future claims on the same product.
Our warranty claim service professionals will work diligently to ensure your warranty claim experience is a success.
We reserve the right to charge any necessary fees in connection with the fulfillment of any valid warranty claim.
*PLEASE NOTE: Falsifying information will automatically void your warranty.

AxleShopper.com warrants to the original purchaser that each used axle sold by AxleShopper.com shall be free from knocking, excessive oil consumption and cracks in the block, subject to the following terms and conditions.


Axle, rear end, and differential: As used herein, the term axle, rear end, and differential shall mean, a used axle, rear end, and differential assembly (gears, bearings, and axles) supplied by AxleShopper.com of the original manufacturer - Everything else is left on for convenience purposes only.


Subject to the limitations listed herein, AxleShopper.com at its option will either give the customer another axle, rear end, or differential of the like kind and quality, if available from AxleShopper.com stock or refund the purchase price if AxleShopper.com agrees axle, rear end, or differential is defective. AxleShopper.com will not be responsible for any labor cost incurred by the customer.


This warranty applies only to the used Axle, Rear End, or Differential. This warranty shall not apply to or include the following:



The liability of AxleShopper.com is solely and exclusively limited to supplying a replacement axle, rear end, or differential if available or refunding purchase price. AxleShopper.com does not assume and has no liability for labor costs or replacement of oil or anti-freeze, damage to other axle, rear end, and differential parts or components towing charges, telephone calls, freight, lost profits, lost time, substitute transportation or replacement vehicle or any other consequential damages. AxleShopper.com has no responsibility for any failure resulting from improper installation, modification of the product faulty or incompatible parts and accessories and/or abnormal use of operation.

AxleShopper.com sells used automobile axles, rear ends, and differentials, not used automobiles.

We do NOT accept anything Freight Collect.

1 Year Part & Labor: Terms and Conditions


COVERAGE INFORMATION: Coverage expires 12 months from purchase date or 12,000 miles from odometer at time of axle, rear end, and differential assembly installation; whichever comes first.

The axle, rear end, and differential assembly must be installed within 30 days of its receipt.


Axle, rear end, and differential Assembly: axles, internal gears, and bearings.

General, Key Terms & Conditions:

Labor: Labor for covered repairs will be paid at the flat rate time published in a nationally recognized labor guide at a maximum of $50/hour

Replacement Parts: In case of a total breakdown of a part or axle, rear end, and differential assembly, the administrator's obligation is limited to repairing or replacing broken covered components. It is the administrator's decision to replace the axle, rear end, or differential assembly or to replace part(s) that are covered under this contract. If replacement of a axle, rear end, or differential assembly is required and a replacement axle, rear end, or differential assembly is not available we reserve the right to pay in cash the cost of replacements axle, rear end, or differential assemblies value. If the axle, rear end, or differential assembly needs to be replaced under the coverage of this contract, AxleShopper.com has the option to replace the said assembly with another used assembly of like kind and quality, or paying the contract holder the AxleShopper.com wholesale replacement axle, rear end, or differential assembly cost. AxleShopper.com will not be responsible for any freight costs incurred. Replacement of any parts or axle, rear end, or differential assembly will be done only once under this contract.

Administrator's Right To Terminate Benefits: In the event of a claim, administrator reserves the right to terminate the benefits of this product warranty upon the discovery of fraud or misrepresentation of a material fact by the purchaser or the purchaser's representative. Evidence of fraud or misrepresentation is forwarded to the proper state and federal authorities. Any vehicle used in the commission of a crime will have all benefits terminated.

Maintenance Requirements:



Shipping Charges to Alaska and Hawaii are Non-Refundable

Customer with warranty related questions can contact the warranty department by calling 888-284-2774 ext. 6 or sending an email to parts@axleshopperemail.com.

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